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  • If you are “childless not by choice”

    you might find that whilst you’ve been getting on with your life, in the quiet moments when the activity stops there are unhappy feelings and strong emotions, that linger beneath the surface and interrupt your peace of mind – for example, when you find yourself around babies and small children; when Mother's Day comes around etc.


    Perhaps it’s in these moments that you realise that you’re feeling disappointed, angry or upset. You might feel battered, hurt, left out and marginalised. Perhaps you feel lonely, or like you’re a failure, or even worthless …or just plain numb.


    And maybe you’ve actually lost sight of who you are, and what makes you happy…

  • Would you like to feel more peaceful, and happier?

    I know how we can do that.

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    Hello, I'm Rosalind Bubb.

    I’ve had 12 miscarriages and no children, but in spite of that I’m very happy, peaceful and well, and I have developed a 6 Step Plan which we can use, as we help you to feel happier and more peaceful as well.


    These are all steps which I’ve used on myself, and they’re very effective!

  • Your 6 Step Plan for being happy and peaceful, after childlessness

    Although I call this a 6 Step Plan, it’s actually not a linear process – in other words, we don’t start at number 1 and keep going until we reach number 6.


    My experience is that when we work together we move about seamlessly between the different steps - backwards and forwards - as they are often inter-linked, and resolving one often helps with others too. It’s a simple and engaging process.

  • Your 6 step plan for being happy and peaceful includes:

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    1. Removing the painful emotions from upsetting (and traumatic) memories

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    2. Facilitating any grieving which it would be helpful to do

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    3. Changing any limiting and dis-empowering beliefs you have about being childless

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    4. Being able to deal with upsetting and “triggering” situations

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    5. Feeling emotionally balanced on a day-to-day basis

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    6. Creating and inventing how you would like your life to be

  • If you would like to know more

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    Along with your free e-booklet, you’ll also receive my free video, “Easing the pain of childlessness”, and together they map out a simple and straightforward plan for how you can change the way you feel, gently and effectively, allowing you to enjoy your life being happier, more peaceful and more fulfilled.


    The video gives you an opportunity to actually try one of the healing tools I use for yourself, right then and there, as you’re watching the video. It gives you a little taste of it.

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  • “Rosalind and her techniques are amazing. I felt the benefits immediately and have continued to feel more and more myself, happier and in control of my life. Rosalind has helped me build confidence and self-esteem, providing me with the strength to change my life into what I want it to be.”

    – S C Hill, Huntingdon

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