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  • If you’re "childless not by choice" you might be feeling sad and upset.

  • Perhaps you’ve struggled with strong feelings and emotions for a while now.


    What would it be like if you could change the way you feel, and be peaceful and happier instead?


    I have a proven and tested 6 Step Plan for reducing emotional pain, and increasing feelings of peace and happiness, and I can guide you through it, easily and gently (wherever you are in the world, using Skype and Facetime.)

  • Is this you?

    Maybe circumstances have prevented you from having a family.


    Or it could be that you’ve tried to have a baby, but you’ve not been able to become pregnant; or you’ve had miscarriages, or fertility treatment that was unsuccessful.


    Maybe you always expected to have children (or other people expected you to) but now you find yourself without them.


    So of course you’ve been getting on with life, and you’re making the best of things. But underneath it all, in quiet moments, when the activity stops, the truth is that there’s an unhappiness that lingers. Perhaps it’s almost like you’ve lost sight of who you are, and what makes you happy…


    You might be feeling grief and loss, for the family you haven’t had.


    You might be feeling disappointed, angry or upset.


    You might be feeling battered, hurt, left out and marginalised.


    Perhaps you feel lonely, or like you’re a failure, or even worthless …or just plain numb.


    These feelings are completely understandable. For many childless women there are distressing experiences that happened along the way, such as miscarriages, IVF, relationship stress, ill health etc, and they do leave upsetting memories, and painful feelings, which you may try to push to the back of your mind – but they don’t necessarily stay there.

  • How to change the way you feel

    It is possible to change the way you feel - at a deeper level - but it’s not commonly known about.


    Here at ‘Peaceful by Choice’ I offer a 6 Step Plan, to help you to feel more peaceful and truly happy in your life.

  • When you work with me, you will:


    Receive support and guidance

    from someone who’s experienced this, and come out the other side.


    Be guided through a process of letting go

    of strong feelings and emotions gradually and gently, in a way that is very safe and manageable.


    Learn simple and powerful self-help tools

    which you can use on yourself, easily and effectively, any time you want to be able to improve the way you feel, in many different situations in your life.

  • Hello, I'm Rosalind Bubb

    and I'm a therapist.

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    I’ve had 12 miscarriages, and I don’t have any children, and I specialise in supporting others who’ve been affected by these kinds of life circumstances.


    I’m in the unusual position of being very happy, peaceful and well, in spite of it all, and that’s why I’m inspired to share this with others.


    I'm an EFT International Advanced practitioner; a Counsellor accredited with the NCPS; a TAT Professional, and a Master NLP practitioner.


    I’ve helped hundreds of people to feel better since 2004 and I want to share the tools I’ve used, to help you feel better.

  • “Working with Rosalind got me from feeling "facing the fact that I can’t be a mother terrifies me" to feeling "this is OK, and, if I can’t be a mother, I’m blooming gonna make the most of everything else which life has to offer" – which, I have!”

    – Emma, Devon

  • Find out more about how I can help you

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    The video gives you an opportunity to actually try one of the healing tools I use for yourself, right then and there, as you’re watching the video. It gives you a little taste of it.

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  • "From my very first session with Rosalind, I knew I had made the right decision. Rosalind is a kind, patient, caring and deeply intuitive therapist who has personally experienced and felt for herself, the pain that you are going through. Her connection with you is heartfelt.


    No matter how low I start out at the beginning of a session with Rosalind, she always manages to raise my hopes and beliefs that this will all pass, and that I can deal with this. Some hurts take longer than others, but I always walk away from a session with Rosalind feeling better. Always. Thank you, Rosalind, for everything. You're a life changer."

    – Sarah, Lincolnshire

  • Would you like a chance to talk informally, about whether this is right for you?

    I offer a free 20 minute no-obligation “first steps to peace session,” which will allow us to have an informal conversation (using the phone, Zoom, WhatsApp, Face Time or Skype) during which you can ask any questions you might have, and find out whether I can help you to feel happier and more peaceful.


    To arrange your free 20 minute session:

  • Individual Sessions

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    Would you like to work with me, from wherever you are in the world? I offer individual sessions using the phone, Zoom, WhatsApp, Face Time or Skype.


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